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CPP Home Page » 2013 » January » 28 » Disaster_Management_is_the_NEED_OF_THE_HOUR_HasanAli Nodoliya
3:34 PM
Disaster_Management_is_the_NEED_OF_THE_HOUR_HasanAli Nodoliya

‘Disaster Management’ is the ‘Need of the Hour’


India is a developing country and it is going through varied phases of development in different areas. We cannot say that corruption is the biggest problem or poverty is killing the nation, inflation is becoming reason for suicides or rape is the most inhuman activity prevailing everywhere. I know you are bit surprised to read all these topics under the title ‘Disaster Management’ but all I can say is for India these all problems are becoming even more serious and uncontrollable than epidemics, floods, earthquakes or volcano eruptions.


Every day begins with unacceptable headlines in newspaper; and all you read is about crimes like murders, rapes, child abuse, kidnaps, scandals, accidents and so many other mishaps for which nobody is prepared. Even schools are not giving a formal training to tackle such "Disasters”. Every moment is just uncertain and anything can happen anywhere in home, school, bus, college, public places, hostel, hospital, hotel, road, mall, garden or office. No place is secured, irrespective of gender. May be ‘law is getting weaker & weaker or criminals are becoming smarter & fearless.’ Whatever is the case, but now is the time to become self dependent and be ready for disaster management for your own sake.


These days I am seeing that lots of programs are coming on crimes & criminals like CID, Adalat, Arjun, Crime Petrol, Shaitan, Gumraah, etc. and people are getting aware of the ways in which criminals plan and commit the crime. But don’t you think that these programs are teaching criminals too? I don’t know the exact impact of these programs on crimes, criminals, victims and society, but for one thing I am sure that self defense should be taught in school and psychology should be a compulsory subject in schools and colleges. Understanding a mentality may help in finding solutions or at least help in taking precautions; and learning to be self defendant may help at difficult times in protecting oneself and others life too. Girls and boys should be given general fight training and along with that they should always carry some protective weapons with them like Chilly Spray which can at least save them for the moment.


One more thing I have noticed that crimes and criminals are not concentrated in particular rural or urban areas or in specific segment of society or precisely in some state, they are all over the place without any pattern and thus, it is really difficult to overcome these problems with some set strategy. Problems are diverse and their solution is also not certain but as we say ‘Precaution is better than Cure’, we must also follow ‘Preparation is must to avoid Disaster’.


Seeing the scenario I am sure that Criminals are not bothered of the punishment or consequences, they are just doing without thinking and that’s why they are more dangerous for the society. Along with self defense training and psychology teaching, we must stand united to fight against all these evils. Things can be better only with the mass effort. Seeing anything wrong happening anywhere must evoke a spirit of compassion in us and if not much, then at least informing a police can be a big help for the person who is getting victimized. Even poverty and corruption, the two major problems can also be eradicated by standing united and helping each other. Share the resources, power, knowledge and love that are the best way to manage the biggest disasters prevailing in India.


I would like to conclude that India is such a nation where Natural Disasters are managed very efficiently but citizens have to learn & fight against the Man-made Disasters. Hope we will stand united and take the nation in the era of development and positivity. Jai Hind!

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1 HasanAli Nurabhai Nodoliya   (2013-06-02 6:53 PM)
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