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This is a my first duty to protect my nation that's why I invented this CPP portal. I hope you will be liked this city protection plan - CPP Portal.

-HasanAli Nodoliya, President.

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CPP Portal is developed by Mr. Nodoliya HasanAli NRI (North Gujarat) in 2013.

    Mr. Nodoliya HasanAli (NRI)

   Birthplace   :  Palanpur, North Gujarat, India.

   Email ID      : 

                               Mr. HasanAli Nodoliya is an expert of disaster management and specially very well known person in disaster management field. He has also won lots of awards in cultural activities. He attended lots of seminars and conferences of disaster management. Lots of authorities and organizations have been invited them to get guidance and information about disaster management.

  "It is my first duty to protect my nation because if my nation will be secured than ourselves will be secured. This is a one line reason to start my project of CPP Portal...." 

-HasanAli Nodoliya.

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                     The objective of the City Protection Plan Portal [ CPP Portal ] system is to develop a comprehensive database that will have a complete profile of each and every village, taluka and district within the state and serve the purpose of various govt. departments as an when required. 

                         This data will be processed and presented in different forms like Data Reports, visual interpretation like Maps, Graphs etc. The system will help in proper decision making, gap analysis and in general all the relevant information regarding a village, taluka and district in a state.

                         The system will also help in identifying various disaster prone areas within the state and track the resources in terms of health facilities, search and rescue, shelter as well as other resources at village, taluka and district level.

City Protection Plan Portal [CPP Portal] stores, processes and produces query able reports on;

a) Hazards faced,

b) Vulnerable elements at risk,

c) Disaster History,

d) Resources available, 

e) Emergency contacts and

f) VPP & CPP Plans.

All of these reports could be produced at village, taluka or district level.

Authorized users can access CPP Portal.

This system is available on every www (world wide web) domains and networks.

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